Affordability at the forefront of Australians’ travel plans

12 May, 2023

New data shows cost-of-living pressures are impacting Australians’ travel plans, prompting some RAA Travel advice on how to save money when booking your next holiday.

The recently Travel Trend Forecast report from Newscorp showed that almost one in three travellers are saying cost of living is affecting their travel plans and budgets.

Coming out of COVID restrictions, overseas travel remains in high demand, but holidaymakers are now looking for ways to reduce their spending in the process.

RAA Travel General Manager Gina Norman said the best way to reduce your outlay was to book early.

“If you’re looking to travel overseas and during peak periods like June–August or December–January, you really need to book as early as possible if you want to save,” Gina said.

“These dates generally don’t go on sale and may only go up in price closer to the departure date.

“Also, be open to different airlines and routes – all 10 of the world’s 5-star airlines fly out of Australian airports on the east coast but only two fly out of Adelaide, so you’ll have more flight and price options if you depart from other airports around the country.”

Ms Norman said another option was to look at fares that allow you to travel to more than one continent, as these are often better value-for-money than a single return trip. It means you could experience two locations at the same time for much less than it would cost to go to each individually.

Location, location

Gina suggested some overseas locations which would be more affordable for those travelling from Australia at the moment.

“Asian countries generally have some very reasonable prices – for example super specials to Bali can be under $400 return.”

“Then there’s Malaysia, Thailand, Phillipines, Vietnam.  All are usually less than half the cost of Europe or North America

“Otherwise you can fly to stunning Fiji with Fiji Airways from around $900 return direct from Adelaide.”

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