How booking with a travel expert can help you save

13 October, 2023

With demand for international travel skyrocketing, South Australian holidaymakers have been seeking advice on how to keep costs down and protect themselves while they’re away.

It’s led to an increase in enquiries as to whether it’s best to book through a travel agent or by themselves.

RAA Travel General Manager Gina Norman said there were pros and cons of both booking with an agent or by yourself.

“But one of the biggest misconceptions is it costs more to book through a travel agent,” Gina said.

“As travel agents we have access to wholesale rates on hotels and tours, as well as access to flights that you won’t necessarily find online when you look yourself.

“It usually gives you a chance to get more value from your holiday, and in a much more convenient way.”

Gina also said people who are time-poor generally prefer to outsource the hours of research and planning required for a large holiday.

“The average person when they’re booking a holiday will access about 48 websites, which is an enormous amount of information to sift through.

“By going to a travel expert, they can make recommendations for you, giving you the chance to have the best possible holiday in the easiest possible way.

“A travel agent will also be able to help you with up-to-date advice on where to stay, where to go, where not to go.

“And at this time when there’s uncertainty in the world its also really important that you have a local contact who can help you while you’re away.”