Surge in drivers considering a switch to electric cars: RAA survey

15 October, 2021

Almost eight in ten motorists would consider buying an electric car, an RAA survey has revealed.

While the survey showed only 25 per cent of respondents had ever driven an Electric Vehicle (EV), an overwhelming 78 per cent said they would consider purchasing one, the survey of 550 drivers found.

RAA spokeswoman Kerry Bowles said she wasn’t shocked at the show of support for EVs as a future purchase option for motorists.

“These vehicles are at the forefront of discussions being had around reducing greenhouse gas emissions, so it’s no surprise motorists are weighing them up,’’ she said.

“Governments around the world are also setting deadlines for the sale of new fossil fuelled vehicles in coming years, and with more EV models being produced it’s no wonder drivers are considering their buying options going forward.’’    

Ms Bowles said EV sales were already on the increase, prompting RAA to this week launch a range of EV fast charging outlets for households as part of its solar and battery services.

“Home EV chargers can be almost 10 times more powerful for energising EVs than regular wall outlets,’’ she said.

“By having a Home EV charger – valued from $1550 and installation $800 – plugged in each evening, you’ll be ready to go with a full charge in the morning. This helps overcome range anxiety, a key factor discouraging many motorists from switching to EVs.

“And if you have solar panels and are plugged in during daylight you could potentially be refuelling for free.’’

Ms Bowles said RAA recognised that EVs were the future of motoring across the globe, in what will be the single biggest transformation of the motoring industry. 

“For long-lasting and widespread adoption of renewable energy, everyone from governments to individuals and corporations has a role to play – including RAA,’’ she said.

“That’s why RAA has added EVs to our fleet, established an Electric Vehicle Working Group to engage stakeholders and invested in EV charging outlets across the state.’’

As part of its commitment to innovation, RAA today is also launching a partnership with Stone & Chalk, operator of the Start Up Hub at Lot Fourteen, Ms Bowles said.

“Stone & Chalk is an important player in our state’s innovation environment, and RAA is looking forward to working together to address the key sustainability and mobility challenges affecting our members and the broader community,’’ she said.

Stone & Chalk General Manager for Adelaide Chris Kirk said the partnership with RAA was an opportunity to help shape the future of mobility and energy delivery in Australia.

“RAA will be working hand-in-hand with South Australian innovators at Lot Fourteen to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges,’’ he said.

“We are particularly excited about the opportunities that come from bringing a member based organisation like RAA together with leading South Australian innovators – the opportunity to drive electric vehicle adoption and re-imagine what mobility looks like in the future is just one area where we see significant potential.’’