Electric Vehicles & Future Mobility

Automated Vehicles

RAA believes Automated Vehicles will play an important part of future Smart cities and transport but recognises there are still significant technical issues to overcome for these vehicles to be fully autonomous in all environments.


RAA supports increased use of Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) which includes e-scooters to encourage the uptake of alternative transport solutions. We also encourage the State Government to evaluate the current e-scooter share scheme trials and introduce a regulatory framework for...

Home charging

In line with our commitment to a sustainable future for South Australia, RAA supports the State Government’s scheme to subsidise some of the purchase costs of the first 7,500 approved EV smart charging systems.

Road user charging

Transport projects and upgrades are vital for maintaining a safe road network. RAA believes that as technological shifts force a reduction in the amount of fuel excise collected, Australia will need a new way of funding transport projects and maintaining...

Energy supply

RAA supports the SA Government’s aspiration to achieve 100 per cent net renewables by 2030 as part of our commitment to supporting a sustainable future for our State.


A key barrier to EV uptake is purchase price, which is why RAA has advocated strongly and welcomed incentives for EV uptake. We continue to call on the Government to scrap Stamp Duty on new EV sales to reduce upfront...

Charging infrastructure

RAA believes a lack of charging infrastructure is one of the largest impediments to the uptake of EVs.  That’s why we are creating the first state border-to-border electric vehicle charging network in Australia.


RAA recognises electric and zero emissions mobility is the future here and around the world. We believe EVs using electricity from renewable sources are an important part of the State and Federal governments’ ability to meet its climate and environmental...