Reminder for residents to take action ahead of bushfire season

20 October, 2021

Bushfires have burnt 400 homes causing more than $41 million of damage since 2015, RAA Insurance claims data shows.

Our records also show bushfire claims are occurring from as early as November to as late as May.

The first fire bans issued last month have prompted a warning from RAA and the CFS for residents and holidaymakers in bushfire risk areas to avoid being complacent, and to take the necessary steps to reduce the danger to their property and lives.

Our Claims Manager Hayley Cain said planning for the bushfire threat could make all the difference and echoed safety advice provided by the CFS, urging householders to clean up around their homes.

“There are several steps residents should take to reduce fire fuel around their homes,’’ she said.

Ms Cain also urges communities in fire danger districts to heed CFS advice to have a Bushfire Survival Plan.

She also advised the thousands of holiday-makers who travel around South Australia for summer holidays to remain vigilant regarding the bushfire danger.

“If you’re travelling through the state be sure to check the daily fire danger alerts and be aware of the applicable fire bans,’’ she said. 

The CFS is urging residents to prepare their families, homes, and properties now.

Acting Director Preparedness Operations, Joel Taggart said the community needs to play its part by cleaning up around the home.

“Small steps to prepare your home by clearing vegetation around your house, removing flammable objects from verandas and clearing gutters, will be beneficial in the long run,” Mr Taggart said.

“It’s critical that anyone who lives, works, or travels through an area where a bushfire can occur knows exactly where the safest place to seek shelter is, and that they have a plan.”

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